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Saukrates Philosophy

MuchMusic has set up Saukrates’ “Say I” video feat. OB OBrien to receive votes to begin trending on their #trending page.

If you haven’t been keeping up with Saukrates lately, excitement is building as the 24th of this month approaches, the date set to unleash Soxx’s Season One on hungry fans. With the internet abuzz, we keep the momentum going rolling out a fresh new track taken lifted off the record and leaking it online.

Saukrates is excited to release the second in a string of webisodes to be released in conjunction with the new album. In this latest webisode, titled “Saukrates Philosophy: Part II,”

Saukrates, or Soxx, grew up immersed in sports and still enjoys making time in his busy schedule to play and stay active. In his upcoming album, Season One, he promotes the idea of new and better beginnings, like the start of a new sport’s season.

Saukrates holds a high status in the Canadian hip hop scene. Fans have been waiting for an album to drop since the late ’90s, although he’s dropped teasers and collaborations here and there over the years.

Saukrates has joined Nelly Furtado on tour this week kicking off her new album, The Spirit Indestructible. Saukrates has already performed together with Nelly Furtado at the 2006 American Music Awards, at the 94th Grey Cup, and on her previous Get Loose Tour as a supporting act.

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